The easiest way to order is to respond via the CONTACT FORM and include item number(s), your address, and phone number. Please note that the item number is found to the right of each picture! I will email you an invoice that will include shipping/handling and applicable taxes. If you click on the invoice "PAY NOW" button, you can make secure payment either via credit card or your PayPal account. You can also choose to call me and give your (Visa, MC) card information by phone. Your item(s) will be shipped as soon as the payment is bank authorized.


I want you to be happy with any garment you receive from me. I understand the limitations of pictures, picture color, size estimates, etc. If you wish to return an item (within seven days of receipt) for refund of item price (that is, exclusive of shipping/handling but with any tax you paid), please contact me by the email contact form - I'd appreciate a brief reason for your return (it will help me provide better future service). I'll send you an email authorizing return along with a shipping address. Please understand that you are responsible for seeing that I receive it undamaged, free of perfume, smoke or other odors and suitable for resale with my original label attached.


If you wish an exchange of garments, the same conditions apply as to returns - you'll be refunded the difference for a new less expensive item or charged the difference for a more expensive item. In either case you shall be charged shipping/handling of the new garment.